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Economics Journals

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Health Policy & Multidisciplinary Journals

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Public, private, both? Analysing factors influencing the labour supply of medical specialists“. (with Guyonne Kalb & Tony Scott). Latest version – November 2016 (Revisions resubmitted at the Canadian Journal of Economics)

What factors affect doctors’ hours decisions? Comparing structural discrete choice and reduced-form approaches” (with Guyonne Kalb et al). IZA DP No 9054. (Revisions requested at Health Economics)

Mortality reductions from increased public health care expenditure: a  role for instrumental mean and quantile estimates (with Laura Edney  et al) (Email for draft)

Health shocks and household expenditures: Early insights from the Singapore Life Panel (with Rhema Vaithianathan & Jing Li). (Email for draft)

Professional networks in the medical labour market (with Kevin Staub)

Selection stories in duplicate insurance markets